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4 Top Factors to Consider for Your Window Replacement

4 Top Factors to Consider for Your Window Replacement

Windows give life to every building, anywhere in the world. If you are planning to omit or remove windows from your building, you should know there can be mental and physical health issues that you haven’t considered.

Medical experts advise everyone to leave a window open at the very least during the day. The fresh air, light and heat that flow in, help people combat many chronic illnesses, like common cold and cough. However, there is a flip side too. According to reports, as much as 20 to 25% inflation in a building’s power consumption bill results from heat loss through windows.

When this starts to happen, it gives a clear indication that your property needs window glass replacement. It is important to discuss the difference between a new window installation and a replacement window.

New window installations are also known as “rough opening”. The shape, dimension and design of the installed unit depends on the client’s requirement.

On the other hand, there are lots of restrictions that you have to come across for replacement windows. It is important to get a window that goes with your building and has the same physical dimensions as that of the one being replaced. Thus, when you go for window replacement, it is better to consider the factors given below.

Factors for window replacement

  • Energy efficiency: It is the most crucial factor that needs your consideration. It consists of two parts, R and U. R denotes the window’s ability in heat retention. You can also consider it to be a measure of a window’s insulation capacity. In damp and chilly climate, the R value should be very high. U denotes the measure of heat loss or energy transfer. Ideally, value for U should range in between 0.2 to 1.2. For your London home, you should look for a window replacement, which has the minimum energy loss. To put it in simpler words, any replacement window should have the lowest R value and a high U value. 
  • Material: If you ever talk to any professional glazing company in Kent for window replacement, they will suggest  the same material that the previous window was made of. This way, the existing window frame will easily gel with the replaced unit.
  • Visibility and transmittance: It denotes the amount of light that the window will permit to enter your room. Always go for the one that offers the highest value for visibility and transmittance. 
  • Guarantee or warranty: A high-quality replacement window always comes with substantial guarantee. The manufacturers usually offer a 10-year coverage period on their products. 

In addition to the factors mentioned above, you must also consider the maintenance.  Go for the ones that are easy to maintain. There’s no point in choosing a fancy and expensive product that requires much time and effort for proper maintenance. 

26 December-2017