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3 Causes of Cracked Windows and Their Solutions

Cracked Windows

A cracked or broken window pane is a very common occurance. There can be varying causes behind such development. Regardless of the cause, you should find a solution to cracked or broken glass panes and the earlier it is the better. Your cracked or broken window doesn’t only create a cosmetic dent on your building but also burns a hole in your pocket by allowing energy leak from your indoors. To avoid this problem, it’s better to search for an efficient emergency glazier near you as soon as you come across such problems.

In the following paragraphs, let’s explore the different types of such cracks and the reasons behind them.

  • Stress cracks: This type of cracks are very common on insulated glass panes. These cracks start small, usually near the window edge and gradually grow and spread across the pane. High temperature fluctuation is the main cause behind stress cracks. On a particularly cold day, you set the indoor temperature to a higher level. As a result, the crack shows up on your glass pane. Similarly, the outside temperature may suddenly nose-dive. Considering the excessive difference between the outdoor temperature and that of your indoors, a crack can appear very easily.  
  • Impact breaks: An impact break occurs mostly as a result of a ballgame. Even a stone propelled by naughty neighbourhood kids, a tipsy fellow while passing by your house or an innocent lawn mower can have the same impact on your pane. This type of cracks will invariably bear a starburst pattern and they will move outward in several directions from the point of impact. In such cases, broken glass pieces may get scattered on the floor or on nearby objects. Collect these broken fragments carefully to ensure they don’t cause any injury to humans or pets. But don’t try to remove the broken glass pane yourself. Such tasks require high skill sets and it’s best to leave those for a professional pair of hands.
  • Pressure cracks: You won’t come across these cracks frequently. Usually, these cracks occur on double-paned windows and on insulated glass panes. Pressure cracks roughly take the shape of an hourglass and are caused by drastic changes in the atmospheric pressure of a place. This range of window problems is resolved by complete replacement of an affected window.

If you encounter any of the problems discussed above, contact our expert glaziers immediately.

5 September-2018