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Fix Window Glass Pane without Replacing the Entire Window

Fix Window Glass Pane

It's a common occurrence that the glass pane in a window frame has broken. In such cases, what do you do? Of course, you don't go all the way to replace the entire window. It's more cost-effective if you go for replacing that broken pane. During the bygone days of single-pane windows, such repairing was much easier to perform. In contrast to that, the modern double pane windows repair is a little challenging.

Read on to know how you can replace the broken window glass pane at your home in DIY mode.

Before we start, here's a word of caution. You've to be very careful, so as not to injure yourself or further damage the window in the process. 

Type of window glasses that are repairable in DIY mode: There are various types of windows available these days. Each of these varieties requires different levels of skill and expertise to work upon. If you've insulated or double pane window glasses to work upon, better you take it to professional glaziers. This is because only those specialists know how to make the correct measurements for this type of window glasses. Moreover, in case you require placing reorders for any speciality product, the professionals can connect you to the manufacturer. Of course, a professional glass repairer will charge you substantially but that way your problem will be solved in the best possible way.

DIY glass pane replacement is only suggested for single-glazed windows with wooden sashes. Know here how to replace your window glass pane yourself without replacing whole window.

  • Safety first! Slip on a pair of thick gloves and goggles. If the broken glass pieces still cling to the window frame, remove them carefully. If the broken pieces are stubborn to break away from the frame, use a heat gun to soften up the glazing compound from around them. 
  • After all the pieces have come loose, dust around the frame edges to collect the rest of the glass dust. 
  • Now, it's about time to remove the existing putty. Application of the heat gun has already turned the caulking loose, making it easier for you to remove. A painter's chisel is the best tool at this stage to scrape the putty out of the window frame. 
  • Use the chisel tip to loosen up the metal triangles that keep the glass in its place.
  • Apply a thick layer of linseed oil to the frame and give it few minutes to soak. This extends the life of caulking.
  • Apply a fresh layer of putty around the inside of the frame. However, here you require a little preparation; knead the putty using the palms, till it gets warm and then press it against the frame.
  • Place the glass pane into the putty carefully. Place the glazier's points into the frame with chisel. Make sure, they're placed against the glass.

Follow these steps and replacing the broken window pane will be successfully done. If you're not confident enough to take up the job by yourself, feel free to click here now to contact a local window glass replacement company in Kent.

25 May-2018