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4 Signs when You should Replace Your Window

Signs to Replace Window

Are your windows popping up difficulties while opening and closing? Yes, they’re not as smooth any more but you don’t know whether they need a replacement or repair. A glazier is London says, sometimes windows need to be replaced but in the majority of cases small repairing seem to do the trick.

Moreover, a window gives out several warning signals to tell you it needs to be replaced. When you come across those telltale signs, you know that it’s time to make the necessary replacements. 

The common indicators to window replacement include the following:

  • Drafty windows: Professionals working at a reputed emergency glazing company in Kent say, a replacement becomes inevitable when you feel cold air from outdoors getting into your room from around the window frame. Window frames are mostly made of either wood or vinyl. Both these are perishable components. Thus, over time the wooden frames are likely to develop cracks or get rot, whereas vinyl frames can get wrapped, making your windows drafty. As cold air from outside keeps coming into your room, your home becomes less and less comfortable.
  • Difficult to open or close a window: Newly installed windows open and close at the slightest push of your finger. But in course of time, the task becomes increasingly difficult. At one of point of time, you literally find it almost impossible to operate. Or even if you may open it by applying disproportinately excessive pressure, it refuses to stay open. 
  • Spiral-ling power consumption bills: If your energy bills are steadily rising, you should better inspect the condition of the windows. This is particularly valid for older homes, where almost half the energy is lost due to the old-fashioned windows. Modern range of energy-saving windows not only keeps your indoors warm but also saves your hard-earned money on energy bills. 
  • Condensation inside the windows: If condensation gets deposited between the window panes, it means energy-efficiency of the window has suffered badly. This problem can hardly be repaired and new installation is the best viable option.

If you want to replace your window glass at an affordable price, feel free to visit to  book our specialist glazier.

20 July-2018