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Top Reasons to Choose Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazed Windows

Popularity of double glazed windows has risen steadily across the UK, to becoming the standard for any property. Owners of both residential and commercial buildings are indiscriminately installing this variety of windows to their properties. This range of the products offers greater benefits as compared to the rest. 

Double glazed units at a glance

As the name suggests, it is basically a window with two panes. The space between the panes is filled with Argon gas. To hold the two panes of a double glazed window together, there’s a space holder. It is made from structural foam to ensure minimal conduction of heat. In addition to that, a special coating is also applied on them to rebound the cold. Thus, these modern window units offer greater insulation and cosiness inside a building. 

‘R’ value and product quality

In contrast to all other varieties of windows that are available in the market today, the double glazed one strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and affordability. The R value of this variety of windows usually ranges between 3 and 5, which stands for thermal resistance. It is affected by certain factors like the

  • Quality of craftsmanship
  • Age and
  • Framing of a particular product

Ideally, as experts from a double glazing window replacement companies in Kent suggest, while investing in these, you should always select the ones having the R value in between 5 and 7. On the other hand, there are products, having higher R value, available in the market. These are also known as triple and quadruple glazed and are much costly. Make sure to purchase the product that has either vinyl or wooden framing. 

Reasons to choose vinyl or wooden frames

Both vinyl and wood are great insulators of heat. Moreover, you can easily get aesthetically designed frames made from these substances. In fact, vinyl is even slightly way ahead than wood because of its hassle-free maintenance. Wood needs coatings of paint and is prone to termite attack. Vinyl and wooden frames both last long enough, whereas the former is resistant to chipping, cracking, warping and other types of wear out. You will get a wide range of shades too to choose from.

Environment-friendly window solutions

Double glazed windows are undeniably eco-friendly. These are the best option to maintain both temperature and humidity in a given environment. In other words, choosing this variety of window solutions, you get a more comfortable and cosier indoors. On installing double glazed windows, the power consumption of any building also comes down significantly. Thus, you make enough saving within a short period to get the expenses made on installing double glazing windows fully reimbursed. 

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25 January-2018